From The Jump

Phoenix Representative Vee Tha Rula is starting to catch some flame in the desert of AZ. Following up strong with his album drop earlier 2o15; Vee drops his mixtape From The Jump. The Alumni artist includes Fellow Label artist Kid Ink. “Gang” will have u cruising in your ride bobbing your head maybe even have the windows rolled down in this beautiful weather. It is awesome to watch the rise of hip-hop artists from AZ. Seeing as Arizona is also A huge melting pot its about time we have great artists as Vee to help put AZ on the map. We will be following Vee Tha Rula with intent ears. Be sure to check out his newest project on the link below. Also Check out his earlier work


Majid Jordan

Producing & Preforming Canadian Duo Majid Jordan, individually known as Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, are making a dope sound for themselves. The 2 are signed to OVO Sound and they are making hits. Each song is a treat to hear the music is a mixture of deep house and R&B with some funk to tie it all together. The duo was not always a duo the 2 met at the University of Toronto in 2011, and they dropped their 1st EP. The duo quickly gained notoriety and caught the attention of Drake. Since then the Majid Jordan have released their first album of the same name (Majid Jordan). The album doesn’t disappoint. Be sure to check out Majid Jordan. Take a listen and groove to the sound.



Hotel Paranoia

Ontario rapper, Jaye Adams, better known by his performer name Jazz Cartier has come out of the woodworks. Mr. Cartier is definitely a force to be recon with. Influenced by the various cultures he had lived with growing up. His father being a diplomat required Jazz Cartier to become immersed into various cultures he of the different places they had moved to. Though dropping his first mixtape in 2011, Marauding in Paradise, he was left unhappy with the project and quickly went back to work. Then in February he presents his newest project “Hotel Paranoia”. I have to say the album is pretty fire. I find myself just getting caught up in the beat or the clear clean lyrics he lays down. I am excited to hear more of Mr. Cartier. He is a sparking quickly gaining ground. One things for sure Toronto may have a new best.




Lost In Reality


Independent Label “Fly America” has recently released a collab. Album Titles Lost. The Album features an array of artists such as Dizzy Wright, Corey Gunz, and Chris Webby. This album is all about the message with is awesome, because too many artists now days seem t have forgotten the style that got them to where they are. Its refreshing to just have to push play and listen to the old feel beats and verses that you enjoy listening to. The artists paint a positive message about moving forward as a whole and putting the power in your hand to go farther. The albut is truly a work of art various artists coming together to create an album for the people by the people..