Return of the Dragon

Bussa Bus is back with a new 17-track album, entitled return of the dragon. Backed by a variety of artists on this project he released this Christmas Season. It was interesting to see that he had dropped a new album since it has been a while since he released his last Full Album. Of course the skepticism was met and abolished once I bumped this album in the ride. Cruising bobbing my head listening to this album took me back. He fused the old Busta with the new and laid it all on the album for you. Be sure you take a listen to the entire free album also available to download and enjoy!


5 O’Clock Shadow

Upcoming Brooklyn, NY, Rapper Jimi Tent is has message that he wants heard. Dropping his newest addition to his EP project earlier this month called 5 Oclock Shadow. Catching the attention of FADER with his EP of 5 O’clock Shadow,which launched, earlier this year he has since completed the full Album track list. From the musically intriguing beats to the insightful lyrics.Tents Takes you through his life, his struggle, an his Experience. His ability to tell his story through music is truly a talent. Using a total of 14 song of the original 4o he had selected to best tell his life story adds to the album uniqueness from the beat to the lyrics this album does not disappoint, for those who enjoy really listening to the lyrics of song to view the artists perspective.

Lil Me

Rapper Wiki has recently dropped his new album titled Lil Me; this album being his 2nd in 3 years. Wiki first gained notoriety in the New York rap group called RatKings. The 18-track solo album is free for download and features various producers such as Kaytranada, Harry Fraud, and Malib. Wiki also adds the talents of his Ratking crew to lay down some bars on his Album. Playing this album I found it to be a favorite, from the music to the lyrics, I found myself keeping album on repeat. Be sure you check out more on Wiki and his crew on Soundcloud.