It’s been 16 years but the Dr. has finally returned to the building. Granted the album just settles the fact that Detox is a dead dream, but he hasn’t left us empty handed. With the release of Compton, released a couple days before the movie “Straight Outta Compton” he gives us a look into the project he has been working on. The highly anticipated album has an array of new as well as old artists in the game. The album is a tribute to the city of Compton. The hard knock streets that produced N.W.A. as well as the talented artists named on the album. COMPTON is not an album to take lightly. If you are going into listening to this album thinking nothing about Dr. Dre has changed think again, a lot has changed since his 2001 album. He uses his talents produce an album with dope modern beats as well as some awesome great lyrics. This album has a message to be heard, from the roughneck streets to hearing the hunger that these artists have to make a stand for hip-hop…. For their city.